Pangolin's Puzzle

Help the world’s most trafficked animal in this unique logic puzzle adventure game!


Also known as scaly anteaters, pangolins are the world’s only scale-covered mammals. Their keratin scales are so tough, even lions can’t bite through them. When threatened, pangolins roll tightly into an armored ball. Unfortunately, this defense mechanism makes them easy to capture for trade on the Asian black market. Intense demand for pangolin scales and meat, coupled with their slow reproduction rate has placed all eight species under threat of extinction.

Pangolin’s Puzzle tells the story of a timid young pangolin, who embarks on an unexpected adventure with only one weapon: a powerful, problem-solving imagination. Players will utilize critical-thinking and reasoning skills to solve challenging logic puzzles, which are carefully integrated into the game’s story. The immersive experience is enhanced by an evocative soundtrack and painterly artwork of the colorful African landscapes and imaginary realms where the game takes place.  In-game progress unlocks additional story which unveils the truth about this little-known endangered animal.

The game’s main character, Katiti, is shown here with her real-life pangolin namesake.

The game’s main character, Katiti, is shown here with her real-life pangolin namesake.

Pangolin’s Puzzle introduces a new twist on the classic logic grid puzzle that is as unique as pangolins themselves. The player must read a set of clues, then deduce where each game piece belongs on the isometric game board. The game will challenge players’ attention to detail and hone their critical-reading skills. It is an excellent option for families to play together.

Pangolin's Puzzle is a family-friendly game that unveils a biblical worldview of purpose and stewardship of God’s creation. The game aims to create an emotional connection to the plight of the pangolin through its heart-warming story. “Katiti”, the game’s pangolin protagonist, is named after a real baby pangolin whose rescue and rehabilitation was popularized on social media. Curious players are offered more information about pangolins, the challenges involved in their conservation, and links to organizations working to save the animals. Hero Factor Games donates 50% of profits from in-app purchases to support these organizations.


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