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Game Overview

A timid young pangolin embarks on an unexpected adventure with only one weapon: a powerful, problem-solving imagination! Can you help her outwit a group of dangerous poachers to become an unlikely hero?

Challenging Puzzles

Introducing gameplay that is as unique as pangolins themselves, this new twist on the classic logic grid puzzle will make you want to curl into a ball and scale up your brainpower! Are you ready for the challenge?

Heart-Warming Story

Help Katiti, the pangolin, travel through colorful African landscapes and imaginary worlds. Meet a diverse cast of characters along the way. Each puzzle is carefully woven into the storyline to create an intensely immersive experience, enhanced by beautifully painted artwork and an evocative original soundtrack.

Purposeful Play

Pangolins are the world’s only scaly mammal. Sadly, illegal demand for their scales is driving them to the brink of extinction. But, you can make a difference! Help spread the word about the pangolins’ plight by sharing this game with your friends, and be sure to check out these organizations who are working to save this unique animal!


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