Pangolin's Puzzle


Here are a few of our favorite organizations dedicated to saving the world’s pangolins. Please visit their websites and contribute to their cause.

The Rare & Endangered Species Trust (REST) is a nonprofit organization based in Namibia whose mission is the conservation of animals that are not getting the attention they need in media – including pangolins!

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is a national non-profit organization in Vietnam that was founded because of the critical need for more effective solutions to secure a future for Vietnamese pangolins and other wildlife.

Tikki Hywood Trust is an organization that protects lesser known endangered species, including the pangolin, through conservation, education, and legislation. They campaign the cause of animal rights and welfare worldwide.

The IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group is a network of experts established to address the lack of understanding of pangolins and their conservation needs. Their mission is to secure a future for pangolins through education and spurring action for their conservation.

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